1 Photograph @ Chez Doris

1 Photograph @ Chez Doris



Christine, Laura, Amber, Andrea and Ginette after their beautiful makeover by the 1 Photography team at Chez Doris on March 8, 2015 for International Women’s Day.

We can effect change 1 Photograph at a time.

1 Photograph can change people.
1 Photograph can improve perceptions.
1 Photograph can create opportunities.

Living in a highly visual society, self-image matters more than ever. How we perceive ourselves can affect what we project. What we project can change the way we are perceived.

1 Photograph gives under-resourced women the opportunity to present their best selves by offering professional photography and makeover services.

Eva Blue (co-founder and photographer)
Valérie Dubreuil (co-founder and communicator)
Marilyn Duval (makeup artist)
Linda Nguyen (owner, Illusions Salon)
Kathleen Savoy (stylist)
Celia Cruz (stylist)
Prell Neri (makeup artist, Illusions Salon)
Kate Ate (hair stylist, Illusions Salon)
Ginalyn Sagarino (assistant, Illusions Salon)